Our BSF best sustainable friend!


We combine our eco-friendly insect protein with sustainable plant-based ingredients, packed in 100% recyclable packaging, for a happier planet.​

We share our planet with 500 million companion cats and dogs, who consume an Earth-shattering 20% of the world’s meat and fish! Traditional pet food has taken its toll on our planet. Livestock farming produces 18% of greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions worldwide, soaks up billions of litres of water and takes over nearly 30% of the Earth’s surface.​

​Cattle also produce an immense amount of methane, another greenhouse gas, with the average cow expelling around 200 litre of methane per day. In contrast, producing 1kg of insect protein from a popular edible insect requires 92% less space, 99% less water, and creates 99% less carbon than making the same amount of beef protein.​

  • And that is not all. The larvae are raised eating fruit and vegetable waste from human food processing that is otherwise ending up in landfill. They are truly “naturally born recyclers”.  They require no fertilisers or pesticides and are ethically farmed in a living space that is close to their natural habitat.​

  • Overall, insect based pet food contains a far more environmentally friendly protein source than traditional meats, with essentially the same nutritional value.​

  • So we have made sure we do not use any traditional farm animal meats & derivatives. None, of the meats, but also no chicken or pork fat and no farmed fish oils. Instead, we use extra virgin olive oil and eco-friendly algae-oil.​

Percuro contains oats that are a valuable and sustainable source of protein

Percuro’s insect pet food also contains oats that are a valuable and sustainable source of protein. Oats are scrummy, sustainable and gentle on your pet’s tummy. They are high in essential B vitamins and minerals including manganese and phosphorus. Pound for pound, oat protein and carbohydrate uses far less water to produce than meat protein. We use naked oats in our formula, which is even gentler to digest​.

Check out these staggering stats:

Comparison of water consumption per gram of protein produced

Protein Type Water consumption per gram of protein
1 pound of beef = 90-100 grams protein Costs 20-80 gallons*
1 pound of oats = 75 grams of protein Costs 3.8 gallons*

Our recyclable packaging

We package all this sustainable goodness in 100% recycle packaging. We use mono-material PE plastic, which is widely recycled, unlike multi-layer or foil-lined alternatives of most dog food bags which cannot be separated and recycled. ​

​Our unique 2KG pack comes in a post-friendly sturdy box. This avoids the need for further outer packaging to send it to your doorstep. These outer boxes are made from fully FSC-certified and completely recyclable cardboard, which are sourced from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits to their local communities.​

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